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I recently had the opportunity to attend Litmus Live, an email design conference held annually in Boston. In my role as Interactive Art Director at Fixation, this event is top on my list of must-attends. The email landscape is constantly changing and Litmus Live helps me (and Fixation) stay abreast of the latest email trends, from workflow and planning to coding and analytics.

At Fixation, we are always looking for new ways to keep our clients’ email campaigns operating at peak efficiency and effectiveness. After all, email is at the heart of every tradeshow campaign and is always evolving. The following 5 Litmus Live sessions offered key takeaways that we fully embrace. Here are some highlights:

Session: There’s No I in Campaign: How to Make Your Emails Work Together, by Marli Mesibov and Jon Mackin of Mad*Pow

Takeaway #1: Have a content strategy. It will help you stay connected to your audience by telling a story over time. This key detail helps to distinguish a series of emails from a successful email campaign.

Session: From {{me.name}} to {{you.name}}: Experimenting with Personalization, by Vicky Ge of Amazon

Takeaway #2: Go beyond personalizing emails with “Dear, {first name}”. Find opportunities that allow you to interpret your audience’s behaviors and anticipate their future needs. It will lead to a more targeted experience that will help keep your audience engaged.

Session: Catching Up with Consumer Trends: B2B Email Marketing, by Melanie Kinney of G3 Communications

Takeaway #3: Make smart use of trends. Consumer-focused email campaigns use trends such as animated GIFs, strong visuals and creative fonts that can be adapted to meet the needs of the B2B industry and help keep emails looking fresh.

Session: Developing Emails Using CSS Grid, by Elliot Ross of Action Rocket

Takeaway #4: CSS grid is an up and coming coding strategy. It has the potential to replace our current table-based coding methods and allow us to push the boundaries of email design even further by creating more fluid layouts.

Session: Putting Data to Work in Email Marketing, by Jessica Best of Barkley

Takeaway #5: Useful data is more helpful than loads of dataIdentifying key data points to focus on will help you reach specific goals and measure success accurately. For example, if your goal is to increase mobile app downloads, instead of looking at general open rates, identify the portion of your audience that is reading your emails on mobile and send them a targeted email.

If I’ve left you scratching your head and/or wanting more translation, I’d love to chat. Contact me directly at jackie@fixation.com

I’ll be keeping these takeaways top of mind as we develop upcoming email campaigns. Happy emailing!

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