How many times have you said while shopping: “Oh…I didn’t know you sold those? I always forget about this place for that?” I know I have. We pigeon-hole our favorite retailers because we know them as the place to get X but never think about them when we need Y.

So, in that spirit, I’m using this month’s blog to start a dialogue about the things you may not know about Fixation.

If you work with us, then you know that we have a rep as an “all in” partner. Our tagline here is “positively obsessed with your success,” and we live and breathe that philosophy. And it’s the foundation for our discussions over the last couple years of how to bring more resources to our clients with the same “obsessed” oversight for success. What are the new technologies, new standards and new opportunities that we can bring in house to up our offering and add value to clients?

With the understanding that people like to buy and don’t like to be sold, we recently asked a consultant to deploy a short email survey to a sample of our client base to ask for some feedback. Our goal is to hear more about the services clients need to be successful.

Just getting a conversation started. And we’re exciting to move into 2018 saying, yeah, we can do that.

We can’t wait to hear what you all have to say!

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