I recently traveled to San Diego to attend Apartmentalize, the National Apartment Association (NAA)’s annual education conference and exposition. It was a thrill to see how the word “apartmentalize”— the theme of last year’s conference—has caught on as the new name of NAA’s signature event and has become synonymous with the energy and excitement of this industry gathering.

While an impactful name and overall branding are important for positioning an event, it’s even more critical to try new strategies and tactics to keep attendees coming back year after year. Fixation worked with NAA to launch a comprehensive attendee marketing campaign last October that included a few new tools for outreach and growth:

Audience Personas

PersonasFixation worked with NAA to develop a suite of audience personas tied to job functions. These semi-fictional representations of typical audience members personalized the show experience and helped build a smaller/targeted community feel within a large show. The personas were included in the email marketing campaign, through personalized pages on the event website and on social media. Fixation and NAA are expanding on the journey map and personas for next year’s show.

A Strong Digital Campaign

We also worked with NAA to add a comprehensive digital strategy to this year’s campaign, which included both search engine marketing and social media marketing. In just 10 weeks, the campaign generated more than 750 conversions, and overall, engagement rates were above B2B average across all platforms. This was certainly a key factor in helping Apartmentalize 2018 reach record-setting attendance rates.

The Little Things

In addition to the major initiatives that drove conversions, a few clever ideas went a long way in generating buzz and conversation on the trade show floor. We implemented the following:

Spotify playlist

Our themed playlist helped attendees get in the “California mood.” We shared it via the event website, social media and in emails. Songs included “Californication” by Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Beverly Hills” by Weezer and “Going to California” by Led Zeppelin.

Facebook Profile Frames

Facebook frames let users add text and design overlays to the edges of their images, and many organizations are using this as a way to showcase an event. For Apartmentalize, we created versions for attendees, speakers and exhibitors. The frames served as a great way for them to let their network know they would be at Apartmentalize.As we gear up for the second half of 2018, we’re excited to bring more new ideas to our clients’ fall shows.

Speaking of new…

Fixation has officially moved to its new Arlington, Virginia, location! Check out our Washington Business Journal ad!

Continue to watch this space for even more exciting news from Fixation!

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