Social MediaSocial media is now a mainstay of tradeshow marketing. B2B audience targeting and performance metrics are constantly improving for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn—which makes them effective tools for creating FOMO and ultimately driving attendance. Unlike other marketing channels, however, the real time to shine on social media is DURING the event. We’ve been telling these people for months that this event cannot be missed, so now we’ve got to prove it. Remind attendees they made the right choice to participate, and make sure non-attendees see what they’re missing. A few tips to get you started:

  1. Promote your hashtag EVERYWHERE
    You want everyone posting about your event to use the same hashtag—which is surprisingly difficult. Start by including the hashtag in pre-show marketing materials and social media content, and then use that hashtag in as much onsite signage as possible and during session intros.
  2. Gather a team
    Assign roles to ensure all event features are promoted across channels—education/networking events, exhibit floor action, etc. Also, make sure you have someone in charge of “listening” to social media activity, e.g. liking and reposting content to encourage engagement and responding to questions.
  3. Map it out
    The on-the-fly nature of social media requires flexibility, but that doesn’t mean you should go into any event without a plan! Map out the content and times you anticipate posting each day. It’s all going to be subject to change once the event begins, but you’ll at least have a framework to make sure you keep the buzz going. A certain amount of canned content gives you more time for live posts from the show.
  4. Keep it interesting
    Give your team the freedom to post in real time about anything interesting happening at the event. Set guidelines as needed, but know that you only have a small window of time to tell your onsite story.
  5. Recruit an influencer or two.
    Invite people relevant to your industry with strong social media presence to join your team. Have them take over your Instagram Stories or produce live Facebook videos while at your event. Any content created through those channels can be shared or repurposed for future use!

These simple tips will go a long way in generating buzz at your next event – good luck!

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