Direct MailThese days, the digital marketing tools available are so powerful and exciting that it’s easy for us to overlook traditional channels like direct mail. Well, don’t do that.

You can stay on top of new technologies while nurturing traditional channels for an effective multi-channel approach. Read on for four reasons direct mail should be a key component of your campaigns.

    1. People notice and read direct mail—even more than email.
      According to 2017 USPS Household Diary Study, 53% of households read direct mail advertising and 21% at least scan them. This far outperforms the average email open rate of 14.52% – 27.35% across industries, per MailChimp.
    2. Yes, even young people.
      70% of Millennials report that they trust direct mail when making purchasing decisions, according to MarketingSherpa. Furthermore, according to Marketingprofs, they are more likely to share their mail with others, increasing the word-of-mouth reach.
    3. Direct mail is higher tech than you think.
      A common misconception is that direct mail can’t evolve to keep up with the demand for engaging, highly targeted, measurable marketing. Here are just a few examples of ways to freshen up your direct mail campaigns:

      • Variable data printing with personalized promo codes and unique landing pages can increase conversion rates and measurability.
      • Augmented reality (AR) can take engagement to a new level with exclusive content, animation, interactive games and more.
      • QR codes are simple, measurable ways to drive prospects to your digital content, and they could make a comeback now that the iOS 11 update added automatic QR code scanning to the camera.
      • Automation tools can track when each direct mail piece is delivered, triggering a follow-up email.
      • Unique printing techniques have a big impact—from engaging folds and unusual sizes to cost-effective add-ons like scratch-off areas and scented varnishes.
    4. Printers are in this with you.
      Partner with your vendors on new ideas and approaches to direct mail, including interesting folds, varnishes and other features that can make your pieces stand out. We like to explore resources like Fold Factory to get inspiration, and we kick off campaigns with creative brainstorm discussions with our printers.

Need more convincing? We’re happy to make the case for direct mail in person—call us at 571.867.9024 or email

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