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Happy new year!

We say this with real optimism for the year ahead, and a sigh since we’re already late on another blog post. As I started the obligatory year-end blog post in early December, I found myself putting it off, deleting drafts and generally rolling my eyes at my own copy.

Why? In part because you probably don’t need another generic retrospective on the year’s trends, best practices and lessons learned. Those things have value, of course, but only when we have time to put our own spin, perspective and experience behind it.

Which leads me to the real reason for the procrastination: Monthly blog posts can feel like ten times the effort that they actually require. Is it pithy? Do we have something of value to say? Is it the right mix of clever and informative?

The real question we want to answer is something we all struggle with: What do we want to say?

The marketer’s kids have no marketing.

Marketing, promotion, messaging, creativity, best practices, industry trends. All are our bread and butter. This amazing team of Fixators spend a collective 1,000 hours per week strategizing, designing, copywriting and executingcomprehensive and complex campaigns.

And yet, we find it difficult to find the time to promote ourselves and deliver content that informs and resonates. A quick survey of our agency friends finds them in the same boat for the most part.

Ideally, your marketing partner’s blog generates conversation about things you can try, strategic shifts you can make, best practices that have traction.

Low carb and fresh blogs. 2019 here we come!

So, we’re done with the slog and we’re resolving to take a different approach to our blog in 2019. We want you to look here for some new ideas on content and conversation, and then tell us how we’re doing—like, in July!

Hope you all have a successful, happy and healthy 2019!

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