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How a team-building effort can illuminate staff strengths.

Throughout the year, we try to find ways to let loose—game nights, happy hours, etc. You know the drill because you do it, too.

During these breaks, we get to know our team beyond daily work habits—for instance, we have a movie buff, a beer snob, a basketball fan, a music nerd, etc. Socializing outside the office also brings to light our team members’ hidden talents.

Code-breaking, for example.

Friday the 13th vs. Titanic

Over the holidays, we chose Escape Room Live as our festive/team-building event.

Two groups were locked into movie-themed rooms and charged with finding clues that would help them “escape” an attack at Crystal Lake or a rapidly sinking luxury ocean liner. Basically: Solve the puzzles before time runs out. Spoiler: Neither team survived.

But while we were desperately trying to survive, team members came together seamlessly, using their skills and strengths to solve riddles and find hidden clues, all leading to ever-more-complicated puzzles.

We’re Running Out of Time!

As our respective groups worked hard to not to drown or succumb to a masked assailant, team members fell naturally into very specific roles, all equally essential for team success:

  • Tinkerers—they grabbed onto a clue and worked it over and over like a Rubik’s cube until they wrestled something of value out of it
  • Code-breakers—they reworked codes over and over until a pattern emerged
  • Helpers—they looked under every rock for a clue or another object of interest
  • Analysts—they assessed our progress and recommended next steps

Though we didn’t make it out alive, it was endlessly fun and enlightening to watch the team collaborate and solve “life or death” problems together.

Almost like a regular day at the office.

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