We’ve said it a million times: “Can we get another pair of eyes on this?”

You and your team have gone over it for days, even weeks. You’ve triple-checked the logo, URLs, and that block of copy 10 times (probably more), and it’s looking good. Truth is—it probably is good.

But a gut check from someone who isn’t as intimately involved in the project can improve—and even save—your work. Here are a few tips on getting a meaningful final look:

  • Give it to the accountant: Or an engineer, or the IT professional. Pick someone in your organization who has no relationship with your marketing so you can get a clean-slate view of your messages and calls to action. Important facts and info can get lost in a sea of writerly flair.
  • Explain the piece, but only a little: Share the why and what behind your request for proofing, but don’t give too much away about the purpose of the piece. You want your reader to experience the work just as your customer will.
  • Ask for specific feedback: Does it make sense? Would you take action if you got this in the mail/in your inbox? Make it clear no one’s feelings will get hurt if the feedback is less than glowing.

For extra peace of mind, add this final review to your checklists, and require it of all your project managers.

You won’t regret having one more person read your work, but you might regret it if you don’t.

Tools for Success

Consider creating internal tools and guides to stay on track:

  • Proofreading rules and guidelines
  • Brand checklists
  • Internal routing sheet
  • Style guides

Check out Fixation’s internal proofing process.

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