Fixation recently hired new staff members to address the growing need for more digital services. Two account team members and a designer all started on the same day—it was a whirlwind of training, orientations and paperwork!

But the real work began months earlier, as we determined where to post what jobs and who to interview. As we worked through the hiring and interview process, we made sure we do the following four things to ensure a great fit for all parties:

Hire for attributes: Certainly, we were looking for marketing and creative professionals with the right skill sets, but most important, we need someone who will thrive in a fast-paced agency environment and be a good culture fit in a small office. Can the candidate juggle multiple deadlines; drill into the details; pivot quickly when strategy changes? Collaborate well with others? New skills can be taught, but you can’t train character and drive.

Use our network to find great candidates: Senior Designer Christy Kingsbury met Chelsea Davis at a UX class they were both taking. They hit it off, and from there, we learned Chelsea was looking for a growth opportunity. Knowing this ahead of time eased the interview process and allowed us to focus on how she would juggle the work and gel with our team. Chelsea joined Fixation to help us address our growing creative needs.

Ask specific questions related to past experience: This shows candidates we read their resumes, but it also draws out intangible skills and attributes that general questions might not illuminate. For example, Junior Account Executive Candy Boakyewaa started a nonprofit organization when she was in high school. Through our conversation, we learned more about her personal passions and her upbringing in Ghana.

Openly discuss any current or future changes: Fixation went through a merger early last year, so over the past 20 months, we’ve seen changes in how we operate, more in-house services and a brand-new office. We want our potential team members to know when we are in a time of change and how that might affect the team.

Just like all organizations, we are looking to find the right people for the right seats, and we’re always learning.

What else works for you and your team?

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