At the heart of everything we do is how we do it – the process.

Every day we must deliver on the promise to our clients to do our best work on time and on budget. Behind the scenes, there’s a whole lot of work that goes into making sure it happens that way every time.

Whatever tools you use – schedules, standard operating procedures, checklists, flowcharts, etc. – they are critical to getting the work done right and training new staff members. As we’ve developed our own methods over time, we’ve learned a few more things to help ensure solid and seamless project management:

  1. Prioritize – Yes, I know, we say it all the time. But it’s a necessary step in keeping order amid the chaos. We are juggling tasks all day long against deadlines, vendor expectations and client needs. We have to prioritize our time, tasks and projects.

  2. Delegate and mentor – It’s not always a great idea or faster to “do it yourself.” Take the time to train someone and let them take over. Not only is it a good practice to spread out the work and responsibility, but it’s a critical management skill for all levels. (Check out this handy infographic on delegation from BrightWork.)

  3. Evaluate and reeducate – As you grow and diversify your services, you’ll find that processes need updating. We love our suite of process documents here at Fixation, and throughout the year we find new things to add to them. It helps us avoid mistakes and train new hires. After you’ve updated, communicate those changes and additions to your staff.

  4. Slow down! – The faster you go, the higher the risk for costly errors. Take it easy and review your work. Use these tools to maintain quality control, even in crunch times.

What other project management ideas and tools do you use at your company?

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