There’s no way to avoid it—stress is a fact of life. But when it goes unchecked, our physical and emotional health can suffer. 

With the holidays coming and projects wrapping up before year-end, we thought it was the perfect time to bring some calm to the chaos with a week’s worth of fun and relaxing activities.

It was a huge success—we found new ways to relax and unwind, and it was a great opportunity to bond as a team.

Check out our stress-reducing schedule and try this with your staff or at home!

Monday morning yoga, aromatherapy and tea:
Several of us took part in a 15-minute power yoga session to get centered and energized for the week ahead. Yogis brought in their mats, and we queued up the perfect instructional video, good for all levels and abilities.

Throughout the week we shared our favorite aromatherapy essential oils, such as lavender and patchouli, and teas like chamomile and peppermint for calming and relaxation.

Tuesday coloring and sheet masks:
This was our best-attended event. Nearly the whole staff gathered to listen to relaxing tunes, don sheet masks and share in grown-up coloring and drawing. Some favorites included cleansing masks with animal faces and a coloring book that let us re-live the 90s.

Wednesday listening party:
We brought in our headphones and favorite tunes—some even gathered in the conference room to enjoy a peaceful change of venue. In particular, we liked the music section of the Calm meditation app.

Thursday afternoon fresh air escape to the farmer’s market:
We shared in the last day of the FRESHFARM market of the season—some of us (ahem) may have bought all the cheese, while others focused on getting the last decent tomatoes of the season. See you in April, FRESHFARM!

Friday morning dessert for breakfast and comfy socks:
All Fridays should be like this. Sweet treats from Sugar Shack and Ted’s Bulletin first thing in the morning  and cozy socks or slippers made for a chill and decadent end to the week.

To see photos of our week, check us out on Instagram @fixationmktg.

How do you and your teams reduce stress?

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