At Fixation, we apply the same creativity to our staff events and try to connect and celebrate in ways that won’t overly disrupt our busy team (as you may have seen when we did our De-Stress Week). We try to up the ante every year with as much laughter, fun and silliness as we can muster.  

Last week, we enjoyed some perennial favorites and added a few new ideas that were a big hit. Check out our 2019 holiday event lineup:

Monday – Ugly Sweater Day

Several of us dusted off our favorite overly chunky, randomly patterned and/or ill-fitting sweaters. Check them out on Instagram.

Tuesday – Office Happy Hour   

New bars and restaurants are opening regularly in our Arlington neighborhood. We tried out the newly opened The Commentary, located at the Westin Hotel, for cocktails and fun conversation.

Wednesday – Watch & Work: Christmas Movies

For anyone needing a quick diversion or a change of scenery, we set up a “movie theater” in our Conference Room and played Christmas movies throughout the day while signing our client holiday cards! Our movie lineup:

  • Christmas Vacation
  • Elf
  • The Grinch

Thursday – Cocoa, Cookies and White Elephant Gift Exchange

To accompany our always-lively White Elephant Gift Exchange, we sipped cocoa and tea while enjoying homemade cookies from our star bakers! This year’s creative gifts included a giant cinnamon candle, a popcorn-making kit (with nutritional yeast), random kitchen gadgets, cute drinking vessels and a Budweiser tailgate set. Among other delicious treats, Julie made her grandmother’s famous orange cookies, and Lori brought in homemade ginger beer!

Friday – Holiday lunch and team activity

Every year we get the team together for a day of fun and food. This year, we dined at the newest outpost of Ted’s Bulletin for a fun lunch and untangled mysteries and challenges at 5 Wits, a new team adventure concept located in Ballston. It was a great day filled with laughs and good cheer!

How do you celebrate the holidays at your office?

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