A few months back, we talked about how process was at the heart of what we do. We have tools, procedures and schedules to help us create great work every time.

Raw material (content) is the necessary foundation for that great work. So, if process is the heart, then content is the brain of excellent marketing.  

As Fixation expands its content operation with more talent and operational efficiencies, our lead copywriter and content developer Lori Kurtyka shared three must-haves when kicking off a client project:


Content development should have a roadmap—a document that explains the “why” and “how” of the project. This could be a high-level marketing plan for an entire email campaign or a creative brief for a standalone postcard or brochure. Include SEO and keyword strategy to improve your site performance.

This plan or outline should also explain the piece’s desired outcomes. Is it to engage members with a new association program or to drive conversions for an event? The answers to those questions are critical in how a writer crafts a call to action. At Fixation, we develop these documents for our clients with their input so that we are all working on a clear and consistent path toward the same end.

Dos and Don’ts

Associations aren’t all created equal, especially with style and terminology. It’s important to know the “always” and “never” words and style points before starting a project.

Similarly, there may be political issues, news items and phrases that are off limits for certain industries and associations. At Fixation, particularly with a new client, we do our research to ensure we are aware and sensitive to an industry’s core issues and hot topics.


Deadlines are important, but content developers do their best with more detailed planning. At Fixation, we love production schedules. This is not just the endgame for the project, but rather the full lifecycle of the copy that includes internal and client revisions and feedback.

Certainly, surprises happen. If we have a good timeline to start with, plus good client communication, working in last-minute changes shouldn’t be too much of a headache.

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