As every article, blog post, social media meme and news report has said on repeat for the last month, these are trying and uncertain times for everyone.

We just waved goodbye and hung up on our second Zoom all-staff meeting, which served as a business update, client check-in, Tiger King therapy session and chance to see the faces we love and are missing from our individual homes.

In recapping the call with our leadership team, I was raving about the basic wonderfulness (that’s a word, right?) of our team. So, we thought we’d turn that outward and take a moment to thank everyone.

Productive. Our team is on fire researching and absorbing information on virtual event best practices, hybrid event messaging and visual ideas, content sharing and professional development. With time to fill as our clients react to the state of affairs, our team is making great use of the time working on projects that always get pushed to the bottom of our list (Fixation website, I am talking to you!), ramping up their skills and absorbing industry news and trends.

Proactive. Some of our client campaigns are paused, but we know they will start again soon. To get ahead of that, our team is proactively exploring creative updates, messaging themes and tone and general strategies for virtual, hybrid and reimagined events. We’ve had great discussions our place in the industry and how to get ahead of what clients and partners need in terms of positioning and messaging. We remain hopeful that the current “new normal” is temporary but are ready for the changes that come out of this.

Positive. We are asking a lot of our teams to stay positive in the midst of this crisis and encouraging staff to react to health, financial and personal challenges in their own way. As leaders, we’re trying to be transparent with the changes our company is facing—even temporarily—through this unprecedented season and that includes some additional layers of reality and stress. It speaks highly of our wonderful staff and company culture that we’re taking the negative with a good dose of positivity and hopefulness and staying connected as best we can.

So, thank you! I am proud to work alongside such a creative, kind, smart and dedicated group of people, and know we will get through this together.

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