Happy new year! I’m sure that, like us, you’re all hoping for a better year, hoping to leave your houses and wear real clothes, to eat in a restaurant or attend a concert. Or a trade show!

As we start to see vaccinations across states, we’re hoping for light at the end of the tunnel—personally and professionally. In December 2019, the Fixation team decorated the chalk wall that welcomes people to our office with goals and resolutions for 2020. Wow, did that take a turn. Finally, last week, we erased the wall and took down the hopeful Post-it notes about getting more exercise, reading more and all of the other things we thought 2020 might bring.

So, heading into 2021, we thought we’d try again. We asked our team of Fixators to share a personal and professional resolution for the new year and have included a few below. This year, we’re optimistic that we’ll check a good many off of the list.

Personal Resolutions

  • Be present and focused… not get too fixated on things that ultimately don’t matter, like clutter and perfection.
  • Flesh out the half dozen recipes I started while home during COVID.
  • Read more books. Read a new book every month.
  • Make time for hikes and baking with daughters even after life returns…hopefully…to normal.
  • Travel to celebrate my grandparents 70th (!) wedding anniversary.
  • Lose the COVID-15 pounds gained in 2020.
  • Do at least 3 Peloton spin classes per week in the month of January!  
  • Practice mindfulness/mediation regularly.
  • Get back into running with the personal goal of running an 8-minute/mile 5K in 2021.
  • Try new flavors and recipes…just because we can’t see more of the world right now doesn’t mean we can’t taste it!

“Complete a century bicycle ride –either on my Peloton or outdoors. In 2020, I rode over 2,650 miles in my basement – I rode more miles last year than I put on my car! I’ve always wanted to participate in one of these organized events and hope to do that this year.”

Professional Goals

  • Oversee marketing and strategy for a successful and safe in-person trade show!
  • Maintain balance with personal and professional, clearly communicate and clarify and remain high-level and focused in thinking and ideas.
  • Become a client-facing member of the creative team.
  • Get certified as a Pardot Email Specialist.
  • Read, research and continue to assess the post-COVID events industry for what’s next for our clients and new business partners.
  • Implement a workflow process for our new Global Creative department.
  • Continue to develop additional Adobe Program skills…it will be a huge benefit for our company and our clients.  
  • Learn new skills and become more productive.
  • I’d like to learn more about and become more skilled at Web Design.
  • Participate in the webinars and seminars I sign up for. Make an effort at least once a month to participate in a live event and be fully present and ready to learn.
  • Get back in the habit of doing a creative-thinking exercise at least a few times a week.
  • Devote more time to reading trends/research from outside the trade show industry to spark new ideas, especially since we’ve had to adapt greatly due to the pandemic.

“On a professional level, I would love to be more organized and less “organized-chaos.” I am in awe of people who carry around planners and actually use them!”

Wishing you all health and hope for personal and professional well-being in 2021!

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