My colleague Elizabeth and I are excited to present a virtual session during IAEE’s Expo Expo 2021. The hybrid event will be held December 7-9, with the Fixation session on December 9 at 2 pm. Our session, Strategy, Creative and Messaging: Setting Your Attendee Acquisition Foundation, will explore best practices in building a smart, solid foundation for your marketing campaign—from the creative and strategy side of things. With the right strategy, creative and messaging in place, your channel marketing is already well on its way. Learn the best timing, trends and tested processes for developing a marketing foundation that leads to attendee engagement and conversions.

Top 3 tips from our upcoming session:

1. Define creative, messaging and strategy. This sounds simple, or even unnecessary, but you need to know what you’re talking about before you set out to do it. What creative elements do you need to set the tone for the campaign and set up each channel with the right look and feel? What is your core value proposition and how extensive are the branches of your messaging for target audiences and segments? And what strategic shifts do you need to weave into your marketing plan, and how will you integrate strategy across channels?

2. As you will hear in our session, we hit hard on the point of timing for all these elements. But (here it is again) timing is critical. If creative and messaging officially launch with registration, then they must be approved and final before you start to build out web, registration and launch content, which backs you up to about 2-3 months before launch…at a minimum. And if you need your marketing plan complete, presented and approved well before that, then you’re looking at about a nine-month lead in to have a solid foundation before channel marketing begins. These are rough milestones, but they make the point!

3. Never set it and forget it. That’s become almost a mantra for us and our clients but it’s particularly true with foundational items that take a good amount of time, effort and strategic collaboration and then are often set aside as “did that…check!” and forgotten in the chaos of the full campaign. Make sure that you revisit your strategy, creative and messaging often to see that what’s based on performance—including topline registration tracking and a more detailed view of specific ads, subject lines, layouts and micro-campaigns.

There are a lot of ways to ensure a more successful campaign and starting early and building a strong foundation is a great place to start. Knowing where you’re going, what you want to say and how you want to present your brand will improve every channel tactic and execution in your marketing mix.

Join us on December 9 to hear our discussion on defining, developing and deploying an effective foundation for a multi-channel campaign for your trade show or event.

Rachel is an account manager leading some of our largest and most successful client campaigns. Elizabeth is the Fixation creative director, responsible for leading our award-wining creative team.

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