We are positively obsessed with your success.

  • Julie_TEAM_480
    Julie Parsons Managing Director and Vice President

    Twenty years of experience in tradeshow marketing means Julie has already faced and solved a slew of challenges. Strategic Sherpa and inspiring leader, Julie brings vision and marketing insight to every project, mentoring our next-gen leaders while embracing the service excellence that is chiseled into Fixation’s brand.

  • Jean
    Jean Whiddon Brand Communications Strategist

    In 2018, Jean merged Fixation with The FORT Group, a robust marketing services firm with in-house resources that allow Fixation to grow strategically. Now she embraces her role as brand strategist for this company she loves, working with the best staff in the business…now bigger and better.

  • Amanda_TEAM_480
    Amanda Charney Senior Director of Accounts and Operations

    As a Texan, Amanda is predictably obsessed with barbecue; less predictably with comfy socks, yoga and message development. Clients are impressed by her journalistic approach to problem solving, years of trade association and fundraising experience and goal-driven, strategic marketing savvy.

  • Ameila
    Amelia DeBord Account Director

    The head of Fixation's New York office, Amelia is living proof that a shrewd sense of business and wise-cracking sense of humor can co-exist. Two things that are always top-of-mind with Amelia: how to maximize her clients' results and where to find the city's best pie.

  • Carrie
    Carrie Dudley Digital and Traditional Media Manager

    Carrie brings a wealth of experience and passion to everything she does. A real Jill-of-all-trades, she has been on both sides of the tradeshow world. She's also never afraid to roll up her sleeves, get in the weeds and turn them into orchids.

  • Allison
    Allison Lieberman Account Manager

    If organization were an Olympic sport, Allison would win the gold. Her intense dedication is combined with an impossibly upbeat personality and winning smile that make her a great addition to any team. And if you're lucky, she'll bake the team some cookies.

  • Lina
    Lina Attai Account Manager

    Lina's impressive blend of professionalism and good humor was honed over a decade as an account manager for a diverse group of clients. Strategic focus and the ability to take things in stride (and with a smile) come to her as naturally as styling home interiors and social events—another passion of hers.

  • Rachel_TEAM_480
    Rachel Gellman Senior Account Executive

    Coming from the association world, Rachel “gets” Fixation’s clients and their marketing needs—in fact, she was once a client herself! When she’s not busy running clients’ campaigns, you can spot Rachel running trails, cheering on the Terps or blogging about the DC area food scene.

  • Julia_TEAM_480
    Julia Ruxer Senior Account Executive

    Detail-obsessed Julia is known for going the extra mile—for clients, certainly, as well as for a good bagel. Informed by her background in association trade show management, Julia offers client-side insight and empathy—so when it comes to service (or “Friends” factoids), nothing is too trivial.

  • Kerrisa_TEAM_480
    Kerissa Eineker Account Services Coordinator

    A New Jersey native and natural athlete, Kerissa is a fast-paced force to be reckoned with. Never one to dodge a challenge, she brings her degree in communications, keen attention to detail and half-marathoner’s perseverance into play on every project.

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Ellen Senior Art Director

    A gifted designer, Elizabeth surprises and delights clients with contemporary and eye-catching work that consistently moves the needle. We love that she's always up for anything—including her latest venture as part-owner of a coffee shop.

  • Jackie_TEAM_480_REV
    Jackie Clements Interactive Art Director

    Jackie is that rare new breed: the talented designer who speaks the language of digital. She makes sure things don't just look amazing but function amazingly well. And speaking of should know Jackie's a big dog lover (as in Great Dane-big).

  • Meredith
    Meredith Crow Senior Interactive Designer

    A talented graphic designer who can also dig into the weeds of coding, Meredith is truly a creative for today's online world. She has a flair for bringing campaigns to life in the interactive sphere. And she really has a way with scarves, too.

  • Alexa_TEAM_480_NEW
    Alexa Causey Junior Designer

    Inspired by a weekend hike, a Broadway show or Villanova’s latest win, Alexa’s adept designs exude her affinity for art and nature, ability to tell stories across multiple mediums, and forward-looking, West-Coast attitude.

  • Lori
    Lori Kurtyka Copywriter/Content Developer

    Lori has an ability to transform disparate data, client input and messaging strategy into compelling copy that rings true to her audiences. It makes sense that she knows how to make copy sing—Lori is a regular performer with the prestigious Cathedral Choral Society.

  • Rosser Clark
    Rosser Clark Copywriter/Content Developer

    With 25 years of experience writing for brands in the US and in Europe, Rosser is a whiz at turning out creative and effective copy. He came from Alabama—and often has a banjo or guitar on his knee—but lives at the intersection of art and commerce.

  • Denise_TEAM_480
    Denise Roden Finance Manager

    If you detect a sweet Southern breeze at Fixation, that would be Denise. When she’s not out on her boat in the Chesapeake, she’s at the helm of Fixation’s financial ship—and thanks to Denise’s extensive experience, it’s smooth sailing.


  • anthony-forte_480x493
    Anthony R. Forte Vice President of Digital Strategy

    Analyst. Strategist. Award-winning winemaker. All three tell you Anthony is able to draw from a wide swath of knowledge and make a series of critical decisions to produce an outstanding final product. At FORT since 1993, he’s mastered everything from post-production to SEM, and it shows.

  • pamela-lorusso_480x493
    Pamela Lorusso Art Director

    A head for business or a flair for art? With Pamela you get both—twin superpowers rooted in her double degree (design and marketing) and honed over two decades at FORT. From trade-specific to consumer, mainstream advertising to direct marketing, Pamela has done it all and won awards for it.

  • joey-digioia_480x493
    Joey DiGioia Production Supervisor

    Working in production since his teen years, Joey has honed his craft as a producer and post-production artist on hundreds of productions, including the nationally syndicated HouseSmarts TV show. With his passion for video and audio studio production and degree in applied music, Joey makes things sound as good as they look. He’s also great for parties—DJ in the house!

  • kaitlyn-downes_480x493
    Kaitlyn Downes Media Buying Supervisor

    Kaitlyn knows about getting the biggest bang for your buck. It started when she negotiated her way through a four-year degree (in Media and Communications) in three. And as media buyer for a string of happy clients, she’s only gotten better at it. Count on this savvy market specialist and weekend hiker to choose the right media path for your business.


"NAA hired Fixation because we want marketing guidance from professionals who inspire creativity, help us think strategically, push back when we're heading down a wrong path and provide a deep well of resources when we need it. With Fixation, we are confident we have the right strategic marketing partner to grow our shows." Becky Sullivan - Vice President of Communications and Marketing, National Apartment Association